The purpose of tb-planning.

Karsten Düsterloh mnyromyr at
Thu Jun 2 00:23:54 UTC 2011

Blake Winton aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
> This isn't a place where everyone gets to decide everything about 
> Thunderbird.

I don't think anyone expects this, realistically.

But there's a difference between „we're planning X, we would like to
know how you feel about, and announce our decision“ and „we decided X,
and we don't care what you say“.

And there's a difference between „we decided“ and „we were forced“, of

> Reading Dan's original intentions for the list, I now slightly regret 
> approving some of the messages in the version number thread, since, 
> while they contained interesting viewpoints, they generally weren't 
> helping us get work done.

That translates to „sink or swim, you only matter if you agree“?


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