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Wed Jun 1 23:16:48 UTC 2011

On 11-06-01 18:39 , Ben Bucksch wrote:
> On 26.05.2011 20:06, Mark Banner wrote:
>> Following several discussions, the Thunderbird drivers have decided
> May I ask something? What's the purpose of this list? It's called
> tb-planning, which implies to me that exactly such decisions would be
> discussed here first and *decided* here.

To quote dmose (at some length):
> Until now, we've had two primary discussion forums for driving
> Thunderbird work forward. We've had dev-apps-thunderbird, which is
> theoretically development-focused, but realistically has been fairly
> free form, and populated by folks with an extremely wide variety of
> perspectives. We've also had thunderbird-drivers, which is completely
> private, and populated only by folks who are in the very center of
> pushing releases out the door.
> A number of us who participate in both forums have noticed over time
> that there are a non-trivial number of discussions that don't fit
> very well in either place. These are things that need input from a
> significantly larger group of people than the release-drivers (eg
> other core developers, add-on developers, UX wizards), and they also
> benefit generally from having more transparency. However, these
> conversations also need to be drivable to completion without getting
> derailed by emotional outpourings, venting, personal attacks, and
> straw men and also without leaving the participants exhausted and
> frustrated. In other words, it has to actually be _easy_ to get work
> done.
> To that end, I've created a tb-planning mailing list as a middle
> ground designed specifically for these sorts of discussions. I've
> written up a wiki page at
> <> describing the
> list mechanism and rules.

The linked document has a little more info which is, imo, worth reading.

> Reality is, however, that this list is just *informed* about certain
> decisions (but not even all important developments). It therefore is
> degraded to a peanut gallery.

This isn't a place where everyone gets to decide everything about 
Thunderbird.  It's a place where some of the discussion and decisions 
happen.  Some other things are decided by a smaller group of people, and 
yet other things are forced upon Thunderbird by it's place in the 
Mozilla world.  (The new release numbering, and rapid release schedule 
are examples of the latter two types of things.  For examples of the 
list discussing and deciding things, I'ld point you at the "blanket 
orange fixes", the "SkinkGlue", and the "statusbar removal" threads for 
a start.)

Reading Dan's original intentions for the list, I now slightly regret 
approving some of the messages in the version number thread, since, 
while they contained interesting viewpoints, they generally weren't 
helping us get work done.  For that matter, the information might have 
originally been better expressed in a blog post.  Ah well, live and learn.

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