Version number changes for Thunderbird

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed Jun 1 22:36:39 UTC 2011

On 01.06.2011 23:59, Mark Banner wrote:
> didn't change the numbering system, and continued developing 
> Thunderbird for the next 25 years?

In the new system, we'd be at Thunderbird 221. That's not comparable 
with reaching "TB 25" in 2 years - in the current system, we'd be at "TB 
4.0" or "5.0".

> Like Rafael has already said, we're not going to be marketing TB x is 
> released. We'll be marketing that an update to Thunderbird is released.

Yes, but if that happens every 6 weeks, do you think you'll get a 
headline each time?

If you have a release that's bigger than the others, it will be hard to 
communicate that "this one is significant" to reporters who get a 1000 
news items a day and spend 3 seconds or less before deciding whether 
it's newsworthy.

> The news is there's something new/different, not the fact the version 
> number has changed.

 From the news items I've read, few reporters go to that length. Most 
just report "there's a new version", and maybe reword parts of your 
press / public material of what's new. In the case of 26 -> 27, that 
whole headline of "there's a new version" is lacking. You need a 
reporter who actually understands the changes, and very few go to that 

I'm not saying it's impossible to market that, but that it's *harder* in 
the new system to do PR and get news items. So, I'm saying that even 
from a marketing perspective, this is worse.

And techies also surely don't like it. So, I don't get it.


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