Version number changes for Thunderbird

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Jun 1 22:11:48 UTC 2011

On 31/05/2011 11:24, Archaeopteryx wrote:
> Hi,
> releasing more often (theoretically up to 8 API breaking releases per 
> year because 52 weeks/year divided through a 6 week branching cycle)
> will be a pain for business users because they have to repeat some 
> work/testing with every release.
For enterprises, we're aware that this may be difficult for them, and 
we're willing to chat about it 
> So, is Thunderbird's new target group the mail end user or businesses 
> which use it pretty bare?
Just under a year ago, Dan Mosedale put a document together 
<> that aimed to 
help the community see where the Thunderbird product is going. In that 
document for the market, we stated:

"Thunderbird will focus on the individual user and Small Office / Home 
Office (SOHO) market segments."

I believe we haven't affected that focus with moving to rapid releases.

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