Version number changes for Thunderbird

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Jun 1 21:59:41 UTC 2011

On 01/06/2011 22:14, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> On 31.05.2011 12:06, Mark Banner wrote:
>>> Question: Will we end up with Thunderbird 15 in a year's time (and 
>>> TB 25 in 2 years), or what's the plan?
>> Yes, we'll get numbers that big.
> Don't you think that's ridiculous? I think that's hideous. I don't 
> like date-base version numbers, but they're still better than "TB 25".
No, I don't think that's ridiculous. What would happen if we didn't do 
the rapid release, didn't change the numbering system, and continued 
developing Thunderbird for the next 25 years? Would we reset the version 
number or change the product name just because the number is getting too 
big? I doubt it.

> Marketing-wise, that's an even bigger catastrophe: It's not news to 
> update from TB 26 to TB 27. At the moment, we get newsticker articles 
> (e.g. on when we make a new release. This is PR, this is 
> free advertising. We will lose that.
Like Rafael has already said, we're not going to be marketing TB x is 
released. We'll be marketing that an update to Thunderbird is released. 
We can therefore immediately focus on the fact that we've got new 
features, security fixes or whatever.

I'd be pretty surprised if a news site suddenly decided not to tell its 
readers about a new version just because the version number got too big. 
The news is there's something new/different, not the fact the version 
number has changed.


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