Missing symbol std::locale::facet::facet_Register

Kent James kent at caspia.com
Sun Jul 31 22:13:29 UTC 2011

On 7/28/2011 10:51 PM, Kent James wrote:
> I have so far been unable to get a release version (with jemalloc)  of 
> Thunderbird to compile on the current beta repository with Windows.
Since (not unsurprisingly) I encountered no response to this, I thought 
I would at least report on my current workaround.

In mailnews/import/build/nsImportModule.cpp, I add a line of code that 
undefines XP_WIN. This is a very simple  way to exclude the Outlook 
import code from my build. Since I really am building a comm-central 
environment to link my extension against, and not a finished 
application, this works for me since I don't need that part of the 
Thunderbird build in my application.

I'm sort of hoping this issue will magically disappear over time, either 
when I reinstall a build environment, or when other people encounter the 


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