Naming Thunderbird's Aurora channel.

Jb Piacentino jb at
Thu Jul 21 14:16:25 UTC 2011


To the risk of sounding basic and boring, could someone remind me what 
the rationale is behind choosing a different from FF naming scheme ? 
Why did we reject Thunderbird Aurora ? Nightly (I can vaguely remember 
a timezone argument)
I wouldn't see too much of an issue in having a uniform naming scheme 
across the board ie TB Nightly/TB Aurora/RB Beta. We share so much in 
the release process that it actually might simplify things and help 
avoiding a lot of mistakes...
I guess that we don't need to be different just for the sake of being 
different, but that's my $0.02... and not so much fun, I agree.


On jeudi 21 juillet 2011 02:18:58, Blake Winton wrote:
> On 11-07-20 9:23 , Blake Winton wrote:
>> As suggestions, I offer the following:
>> Thunderbird Cygnet [0]
>> Thunderbird Squab
>> Sean suggested:
>> Thunderbird Peep [1]
>> Thunderbird Flight
>> Thunderbird Origin
>> Thunderbird Dawn
>> Thunderbird Ace
> Another suggestion was raised: Thunderbird Ae
> Here's Ace and Aero as wordmarks.
> I think I prefer Aero, even though I keep on typing Areo… :)
> Later,
> Blake.

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