Naming Thunderbird's Aurora channel.

Sean Martell smartell at
Wed Jul 20 13:28:27 UTC 2011

I could let Ace borrow Kit's goggles from Test Pilot if he really needed them and if that name were chosen.  :)

But really I think leaving him without the goggles give the recognition and consistency with the TB logo. 

Re: two lines - we don't do that for Firefox anymore, so I was hoping to keep the same naming scheme. The main concern is the redundancy of "bird"

On 2011-07-20, at 9:23 AM, Blake Winton wrote:

> I know, I know, I really don't want to open this discussion up either, but…
> Sean started working on the new icons, and then let me know about the issue of the wordmark.  "Thunderbird Earlybird" just looks odd, and is much longer than "Firefox Aurora".
> So, I think we should try one more time…  :(
> As suggestions, I offer the following:
> Thunderbird Cygnet [0]
> Thunderbird Squab
> Sean suggested:
> Thunderbird Peep [1]
> Thunderbird Flight
> Thunderbird Origin
> Thunderbird Dawn
> Thunderbird Ace
> Thanks, and apologies,
> Blake.
> -- 
> Blake Winton   Thunderbird User Experience Lead
> bwinton at
> [0] A cygnet is a baby stork, so we could be like the ugly ducking…  :)
> [1] The baby bird _does_ look like she should be named "Peep".

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