Can I have some hints for async operation of the address book?

Kent James kent at
Wed Jan 19 08:08:27 UTC 2011

The normal address book interfaces like nsIAbDirectory don't seem to 
have any support for async operation. I need at least a little though, 
and surely it must exist for the LDAP implementation. Could I have some 
hints about how this is normally done?

I picture something like this. When a directory is selected in the ab 
tree, normallyall of the cards in the directory are enumerated sync 
I don't really want to do that in my EWS case because the listing of 
address cards would be an sqlite query.

So presumably I could let that first enumerate return nothing, do my 
async work to enumerate the cards, and then when I am done with that 
call into the listing view on the right hand side of the address book, 
and ask it to display all of the cards that I now can show. Does that 
make sense?


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