Planned Thunderbird 3.3 Features

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Feb 9 15:14:19 UTC 2011

At the recent all-hands we had various discussions of what to include in 
Thunderbird 3.3. This is the list of significant things that we're going 
to be concentrating on.

With regards to schedule, this is currently mainly dependent on Account 
Provisioning and Search Integration. I hope to be moving from alpha to 
beta sometime in the next month or so once we get some more UX affecting 
changes landed. For the actual release, we're probably looking at 
sometime during Q2.

/These features will most likely block a 3.3 release. This list does not 
include features or changes already landed (e.g. upgrade to gecko 2.0, 

  * Account Provisioning
      o This is probably most at risk of missing 3.3 as it currently
        depends on resolving legal and technical issues, some of which
        are out of our control.
  * Search Integration
      o This is integrating search engines into Thunderbird, allowing
        searches from Thunderbird's UI. Experimental add-on coming soon.
  * Instrumentation
      o We are investigating adding more hooks and information feedback
        so that via an opt-in process we can gather more data about
        users who download Thunderbird and if they install successfully
        or not.
  * Add-on manager
      o This is already on trunk, but we need to complete being able to
        see collections on AMO (bug 600367) as that's the biggest bit
        missing from the Get Add-ons pane.

*Significant Bugs*

  * "A" shortcut improvements (bug 511741 and others) - major support
    annoyance so +1 Roland
  * Reducing the initial load on IMAP servers when connecting
    Thunderbird (details still being worked out)
  * LDAP hang on shutdown(already fixed by bug 544939/bug 343332)

*Features and other improvements we'd like to include if there's time*

  * Improved Personas integration
  * Feedback in a test-pilot / style
  * Address Book improvements - see separate thread
  * Account Wizard improvments (bug 549045)
  * Tab reordering (bug 468808)
  * Complete the Account Central rework (bug 489999)
  * Complete send in background (bug 511079)

*Post Thunderbird 3.3

We've only done a little thinking post 3.3 at the moment. At the moment, 
these are the main bullet points:

  * Pluggable message store and enabling of maildir.
      o This is the move to the new storage mechanism that David has
        been working on. It is intended to land soon after 3.3 is
        branched so that it can get plenty of testing before the next
  * Possible Gecko release changes
      o Firefox are discussing releasing more frequently. There are no
        firm details yet, but we expect this will impact our releases on
        Thunderbird and we'll need to consider that.
  * Sync
      o We've been thinking about incorporating sync (aka Firefox Sync)
        into Thunderbird. We'll be looking at this via an add-on first,
        so it may not get incorporated straight away.

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