Student project: Thunderbird Addon Development

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What is your timeline for having a list/selection ?


On 20/12/2011 16:19, Fabien Cazenave wrote:
> Dear all,
> Didier Courtaud (Desiderius on #frenchoz or #education or #comete) is 
> an IT professor in a French University near Paris and, in
> partnership with the Mozilla Foundation, he is leading a project to 
> let his students learn core Mozilla technologies.
> Theoretical courses are given by well-known Mozilla contributors or 
> employees and now his students have to work on the 50-hour project
> involving XUL, HTML5, CSS3, XPCOM, JavaScript and develop it as an 
> Open Source project. It could be a good opportunity to get new TB 
> contributors.
> So if you can think of a simple Thunderbird addon that could be 
> developed by one or two students in cooperation with the Mozilla
> development community (including myself), please let us know!
> Cheers!
> :kazé
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