Student project: Thunderbird Addon Development

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Dec 23 02:16:15 UTC 2011

Main pain point for me is currently the sync of address book and 
calendar with cell phones.

1. Export of (all or one) address book entries to vcard would be one 
step - simple, helps a lot, in many situations.

2. Best would be sync via SyncML via http, 2-way. Similar to Funambol, 
just that Thunderbird would be the "server". I.e. Thunderbird runs a 
small HTTP server on the desktop. The TB GUI tells the user the http URL 
(with local IP addr or computer name, and port of TB http server), so 
that the user can enter this URL in his cell phone (e.g. Nokia or 
Android with Funambol app). Thunderbird then speaks SyncML via http. 
Shouldn't be too hard either, but would need talented and engaged students.


On 20.12.2011 16:19, Fabien Cazenave wrote:
> Dear all,
> Didier Courtaud (Desiderius on #frenchoz or #education or #comete) is 
> an IT professor in a French University near Paris and, in
> partnership with the Mozilla Foundation, he is leading a project to 
> let his students learn core Mozilla technologies.
> Theoretical courses are given by well-known Mozilla contributors or 
> employees and now his students have to work on the 50-hour project
> involving XUL, HTML5, CSS3, XPCOM, JavaScript and develop it as an 
> Open Source project. It could be a good opportunity to get new TB 
> contributors.
> So if you can think of a simple Thunderbird addon that could be 
> developed by one or two students in cooperation with the Mozilla
> development community (including myself), please let us know!
> Cheers!
> :kazé
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