New Account Types directions - should SkinkGlue be core?

Kent James kent at
Fri Apr 29 18:04:37 UTC 2011

On 4/29/2011 10:49 AM, Joshua Cranmer wrote:
> As a side point, I wish to express my disapproval of the "SkinkGlue"
> name, but I'm sure you already knew that.

The official AMO name is "New Account Types" but I think you will find 
that everyone knows what we are talking about when we say "SkinkGlue" 
and nobody will really know what "New Account Types" is. Generic names 
always have that problem, which is why I object to "mailnews" as the 
Thunderbird-equivalent of "Mozilla" or "Gecko" (both of which are great 
names, BTW).

Perhaps you can interpret SkinkGlue here as "This is really ugly (skunky 
and skanky) but we really don't have a better idea".

I keep hoping that my use of this ugly term will motivate someone to 
come up with a way of referring to the core code by a usable name rather 
than "Mailnews core". If you hate my term, come up with your own. But 
naming is an important part of communication clarity, so I need a term 
that I can use to refer to the code that is the core Thunderbird code, 
but not part of my extension, and not part of Mozilla/Gecko either.


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