Schedule Driven Releases: Channel Strategy

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Thu Apr 21 12:47:01 UTC 2011

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Mark Banner schrieb:
> Therefore, I think we should go for a one-to-one mapping of:
> * Thunderbird trunk/nightly uses Firefox nightly
> * Thunderbird Experimental (name TBD) uses Firefox Experimental/Aurora
> * Thunderbird Beta uses Firefox Beta
> * Thunderbird Release uses Firefox Release

Do you think you'll have enough users on all those four channels to make 
them test-worthy? Note that we found on Firefox that less than ~100k 
users on a "channel" probably doesn't get useful enough crash stats for 
efficiently attacking stability (which is currently a problem on both 
nightly and aurora), but Thunderbird might care less about that aspect 
and rely on most crashes being core and detected by us on the FF side 

Still, I have some concern about splitting the tester community too much.

> With this mapping, we'll also definitely need the Canary system
> completing for the trunk builds.

Actually, I'd think hat with this, you don't need the Canary system at 
all, as anyone concerned with stability in the slightest sense will use 
aurora-based builds and trunk should build against mozilla-central 
proper exactly to find any compile, etc. problems as fast as possible, 
while a Canary-style system papers over that and invites to not fixing 

Robert Kaiser

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