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Mon Apr 18 07:30:05 UTC 2011

On 18/04/2011 00:02, Bryan Clark wrote:
> Create a home tab which is always available and instead of requiring a 
> 3 pane window to always be open it's the home tab that is required.  
> This has a number of great improvements to the over all system.
> * Instead of showing a 3 pane like tab (using an empty account page) 
> when Thunderbird is being setup we show the home tab
> * The only tab that can't be closed is the home tab instead of the 3 
> pane window.  The home tab helps you launch other tabs like the 3 pane 
> tab or add-on provided tabs.
> * Opening mail in new windows simply becomes opening TB in a new 
> window with a message reader tab and the home tab (likely the tab row 
> is hidden in this case); which avoids all the duplicate code of the 
> current separate window
> I'd love to help where I can.  I'd say just get started on something 
> very simple and build from there.  Currently AFAIK much of TB is 
> expecting a 3 pane running at all times so you'll likely hit most of 
> your issues there.
I'm for this, but I'd strongly recommend splitting this up into several 
bits of work:

 1. Implementing the home tab and whatever goes in it.
 2. Allowing the 3-pane tab to be closed
 3. Replacing the standalone message reader with the "main" window.

1 and 2 can probably be implemented side by side if there's a skeleton 
implementation for a tab that always stays open. Closing the 3-pane tab 
is likely to be complicated as I believe there is a lot of code which 
assumes the existence of the various panes, but finding out exactly 
what, and getting it cleaned up would be a good gain IMO.

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