Thunderbird Home Tab

Siddharth Agarwal sid at
Sun Apr 17 19:19:37 UTC 2011

On 17-04-2011 21:56, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
>         TL;DR
> I've been thinking about the web tabs and the rss dashboard 
> experiments. I think a very nice project could be a Thunderbird home 
> tab, just like the Firefox home tab. It could unify web tabs, rss 
> dashboard, and possibly other information, into a single page that's 
> your entry point into Thunderbird, and that also gives you an overview 
> of everything that happens in your Thunderbird. Plus, it could provide 
> a consistent experience between Firefox and Thunderbird.

Yeah. I don't have any time at the moment to work on it, but this is 
something I'm planning to work on in the summer. This is definitely a 
feature that'll be really useful for a lot of people, and also neatly 
solve a bunch of UI inconsistencies that Thunderbird's tab 
implementation currently has (first tab being permanent etc).

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