Experiments status + experiments proposal

Kent James kent at caspia.com
Wed Apr 13 17:40:58 UTC 2011

On 4/13/2011 5:09 AM, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> I felt people were starting to write things like "(the late) Mozilla 
> Messaging does a lot of experiments, but very little ends up being 
> merged in the actual product". Other people might want to 
> agree/disagree with that statement
I've never really thought of this issue, but in both reading other 
people's comments on this thread as well as observing myself, that is 
certainly true.

For myself, I did the TweeQuilla addon as an experiment in adding new 
account types, but did not actually attempt to polish the UI to really 
make it a really valuable Twitter replacement. (By the way, though the 
AMO listing seems to be gone from AMO for now, a new TweeQuilla file 
that supports both 3.1 and 3.3 is available at 
Windows only I'm afraid.)

It does seem like we as a community need to do a better job of looking 
at other people's work, and encouraging completion and polishing of 
worthy concepts.


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