The Future of Messaging: Who is the 'self-contained Thunderbird team'?

David Ascher dascher at
Mon Apr 11 22:20:56 UTC 2011

Sorry for the delay in answering.

I'm not keen on publishing lists of what employee is doing what, as I 
believe that is primarily an employment matter that's mostly between 
the employees and their managers.  It should be (or become) fairly 
clear who'se doing what based on their contributions in the project on 
an ongoing basis.

I do however want to explain that while in the past, many MoMo folks 
were spread between Thunderbird and non-Thunderbird projects, an 
explicit goal is to establish clear areas of focus, so that Thunderbird 
has enough dedicated resources, and that our investment in innovation 
on the web side of things doesn't starve Thunderbird of resources.  Of 
course, there never will be enough people working on Thunderbird to 
satisfy everyone's wants & desires, which is true for every piece of 
software ever written afaict.


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