Experiments status + experiments proposal

Jim squibblyflabbetydoo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 19:43:43 UTC 2011

On 04/11/2011 03:47 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 10/04/2011 22:03, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
>> Jim (:squib) has been doing fantastic work on the _account summary and
>> folder summary_ patches. These experiments have been revived: they've
>> been lying there for quite some time, but there was no one to pick
>> them up. IIRC, Jim said it required a whole lot of work to make this
>> work properly, and I think he expects to land this in time for 3.4
>> rather than 3.3.
> Getting just one of those landed as soon as its ready would be a good
> thing IMO. I'm not sure about the amount of work - I thought the account
> summary was almost ready (Jim?)?

Both account and folder summary are basically done (though maybe it's 
better to say they basically work?), but I haven't really pushed to get 
either of them landed, since I'd like to have the extension available to 
a wider audience for a while to get feedback on the specific contents of 
the summaries. For instance, a few people have been skeptical of the use 
for the "when do you send email" chart; personally, I like it, but I'd 
want to see what the wider community has to say. Maybe they'll have some 
brilliant ideas I can incorporate into it!

Aside from that, the only things I have left on my list of tasks for the 
summaries are to make the account summary more easily extensible and to 
get the iframe snippet hosted somewhere in Mozilla-land (right now, it's 
just a mockup on my personal web space). Once the latter of these is 
handled, I think we can release it as an addon, which will hopefully get 
some useful feedback. I'm tracking that in bug 494090 

- Jim

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