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Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at mozillamessaging.com
Mon Apr 11 09:07:52 UTC 2011

On 10/04/11 23:03, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> In this mail, I'm doing a status roundup of _current experiments_. I'd
> like to know what is the status of some experiments that showed no
> recent activity. I also suggest two more experiments that are, imho,
> simple enough that we could try to land them in the 3.3 timeframe.
>         *Some big experiments of mine*
> _Thunderbird Conversations_ is the most active experiment right now,
> although the user base is quite low (~500 users for its current
> version, the other 6k users are stuck on a one-year-old version for
> the 3.1 series of Thunderbird). It's stable, feature-rich, and
> provides what I think is a good replacement for the standard message
> reader. There are some obscure prefs that it still needs to respect,
> but honestly, I don't think that's very important, and these obscure
> prefs probably shouldn't even exist. The main issue right now is
> performance, and to achieve better performance, it will require an
> overhaul of gloda (the oft-discussed gloda-ng). This overhaul might
> happen this summer if I find the time. Otherwise, it will have to
> wait. This means no immediate plans to land this.
> _Compose in a tab_ is making progress, although at a slow pace. It is
> such a massive undertaking that it will probably require more than
> just one person working on it to make it happen, that is, if we want
> to make it happen, and I'm still not sure of that :-). So no plans for
> landing there either.
>         *Unknown status*
> I don't know what are the current plans for:
> - _Mute Thread._

Last time we talked about it , we where looking for someone to maintain
it and polish it as an addon


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