Status of the "Compose in a tab" experiment

JoeS joesab2005 at
Wed Apr 6 03:27:23 UTC 2011

On 4/5/2011 2:39 PM, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> - Blockquotes are not broken when hitting <Enter> inside a blockquote. 
> Yes, this is infuriating. This is a bug in CKEditor, see [5]. You 
> might manage to break them by holding shift.
Not really a prob in CKEditor, maybe just the core it uses.
See bug 554806 <> for 
a similar issue.
> Plans for the future
The last time I tried it, the UI seemed to be "way too busy" for me.

> Please allow me to remind here that this experiment is 100% Javascript 
> and HTML.
Regarding the conversations below in this thread;
Some folks are developing along these lines also (HTML vs. XUL)
You might want to take a look at TotalMessage 
<> , while not a full blown App, it uses 

[OT]: Rhetorical question (the answer if any might be key to the future 
of TB)
"Why do very talented folks prefer to do their experiments on Mozdev, 
rather than mainstream contributions."

(I'm not speaking here about anybody in particular)


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