Video in TB 3.3

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Apr 7 20:21:45 UTC 2011

On 07/04/2011 10:38, Kent James wrote:
> While testing my TweeQuilla addon update for TB 3.3, I was surprised 
> to see that a youtube video that was retweeted played in TB  3.3. The 
> same tweet does not play in TB 3.1
> I assume this is associated with support for HTML5 in both Moz2 and 
> YouTube, but I'm not really sure. Does anyone know how this works?
The HTML 5 video tag is also in TB 3.1. I'm suspecting (I've not tried 
it) that the YouTube video is played via a plugin (inspecting the source 
via DOMI might help you work this out).

The differences between 3.3 and 3.1 are that in 3.3 we allow plugins in 
non-email situations by default (so for example, we'll allow them in RSS 
feeds), and I suspect that is the difference with what you're seeing here.

> I can also imagine a really cool addon, where you would record a video 
> message and send it in an email.
We already have thoughts in that area for the future, although gecko 
doesn't support recording audio/video (yet).


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