Status of the "Compose in a tab" experiment

Jeff Grossman jeff at
Thu Apr 7 00:20:24 UTC 2011

On 4/6/2011 2:37 PM, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 05/04/2011 11:42, Tanstaafl wrote:
>> Is there something about this new compose feature that makes it only
>> workable in a tab? Or is that just the way you've designed it? The HTML
>> composition bugs in TBird are really my only remaining real gripe
>> nowadays, and I sure hope the new composer won't *require* the use of
>> composing in tabs...
> Don't forget this is just an experiment at the moment.
> Something that we're currently discussing for longer term is to 
> eradicate the separated code for the standalone message window. This 
> does not mean getting rid of the standalone message window - more just 
> that behind the scenes it'll actually be the same window type as the 
> main three pane window.
> There would be various advantages to this approach, e.g. a single 
> message tab could be torn off into its own separate window that looks 
> just like the standalone message window as it is currently but with 
> the tab UI hidden. However, we could also use the approach for compose.
> The changes would reduce the need for the code duplication - once 
> something is created in a tab, you can also display it as a standalone 
> window.
> We've not started on this yet, and it really is in the early stages of 
> discussion, but I thought I'd bring it up now as it should help to 
> simplify doing extensions like this.
> Mark.

Anytime you can remove code duplication and improve functionality is a 
huge plus.  I am definitely in favor of the changes that are ahead and 
can't wait to start using them.  A big thank you goes to everybody who 
makes this program great.


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