KaiRo - Robert Kaiser kairo at
Tue Apr 5 22:34:45 UTC 2011

Ben Bucksch schrieb:
>> All the widgets. <input> is a nightmare compared to XUL.

It is, and it's one of my biggest problems when thinking about the 
future - as I strongly believe that in the future, XUL _will_ be 
obsolete and HTML _will_ be the things to do.

Still, we're not there yet and there's still a significant way to go 
there - but we should try to get anything into HTML where XUL is better 
now in terms of creating UI and applications. We really want the openly 
standardized, cross-web-runtime-implemented way to do applications to 
succeed (not that I'm saying "web runtime" intentionally for the thing 
commonly called "browser").

> HTML just isn't made for app development, XUL is, and it shows, big time.

I agree, at the current point. We should help HTML being developed to a 
point where that's not true any more.

Until then, I think application UI should be done in XUL while we in 
parallel should be pushing for HTML to be able to replace it.

Robert Kaiser

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