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Sun Apr 3 19:12:46 UTC 2011

On 01/04/2011 22:19, neandr wrote:
> How to Improve Extension Startup Performance?
I think first we need to check on Thunderbird's startup performance. I'm 
sure there's some things that we can delay until after start-up. If 
there are then we may need extra hooks and things available to be able 
to do this.

Once we have those, then I think we'll be able to communicate the 
experience to add-on authors as well, and push harder on it.

> So there are info pages and tools for FX4 but AFAInotS for TB/SM.
If you mean for extensions specifically, then we have those already. If 
you're specifically on about start-up times, then it'd be useful to know 
where the Firefox pages are then we can look at providing appropriate 

> At this link 
> <> 
> you will find a description what the FX people recommend and going to
> you find a link to an extension supporting "MeasuringStartup".
> How about having such an extension for TB3.1/3.3 (SM?) also?
I've not been able to look at it yet, but I'd be surprised if that 
couldn't be easily ported to 3.3. AFAIK all the back-end supporting code 
went into core, although there may be one or two bits missing.

> So, this is a call to the maildev experts to adapt it. I could think 
> about having the results displayed as part of a special startup page.
iirc that page display an about:startup page, this could easily be done 
in the extension. I'm not sure Firefox do more than that, I'll try and 
find out.

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