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Sat Apr 2 09:15:45 UTC 2011

It's likely that he is talking about Snowl:

My usage pains which also affect other users:
1) Lack of multi-account handling. If you have only one account, it is 
fast to do everything in web mail. Thunderbird offers good possibilities 
as aggregator, but fails on simple things like setting the correct mail 
identity when replying.
2) In news groups: No view which shows all messages of a thread in a 
single view. It's a pain to see an interesting thread and have always to 
click in the message list, move the mouse to the message pane, scroll, 
go back to message list etc.
3) RSS is more tricky: Thunderbird is useful for low volume feeds, but 
in high volume feeds like news, you are likely to miss items if your 
machine doesn't run 24/7. Web aggregators like Google Reader and Tiny 
Tiny RSS try to aggregate all items, but lack customization and guidance 
for the user (like filtering out duplicates from multiple feeds, saved 
searchs, filtering and moving to priority folder, deleting ranges which 
you read etc). Currently, RSS is in a mediocre to unusable state (you 
cannot filter feeds and move the items to a local account because the 
content won't show up - which is itself a workaround to Thunderbird 
having to customized favorite folder view in which you could (put and?) 
_sort_ the folders like you want them).

The ideal for Thunderbird imho would be a data aggregation and 
communication central.

@Ben: Why did you write a XMPP client? Was 
not good enough?

@Jonathan: Glad to see you having interest in improving the RSS component.


schrieb Jonathan Protzenko:
>> News
>> I spend a good deal of my day reading newspapers, on the web. In the
>> browser. I am still lacking an RSS client that's working well for me.
>> Thunderbird would be in a very good position for that. Myk's prototype
>> that he showed at Firefox Summit 2008 was perfect, IMHO.
> Any links to that prototype, or screenshots, or HTML mockups, or
> something? I was planning on doing a quick experiment with a
> dashboard-style tab for RSS reading, I'd be happy to build upon any
> preexisting mockups.
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