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For the record, AMO is developing an on-demand form of performance 
testing with addons. Such that "If my addon is installed into Firefox, 
how does that measure up with performance numbers of Firefox WITHOUT my 

Which is planned to encompass Startup Performance, and Pageload 
Performance, at a bare minimum. I'm not sure how relevant that is to 
your thoughts here, but it is something they are striving toward, and 
would be good to keep in mind.

They are not too far off from getting that into a "lets do it" state afaik.

~Justin Wood (Callek)

On 4/1/2011 5:19 PM, neandr wrote:
> How to Improve Extension Startup Performance?
> A big theme communicated by Mozilla for FX4 - I think mainly becomes 
> of competition from other browsers around.
> Competition is good, everyone wants to make the user happy.
> I think what's good in the browser world should be good for mail 
> systems too :-) .
> Special interest goes for extensions living in FX and TB, not to speak 
> about SM.
> So there are info pages and tools for FX4 but AFAInotS for TB/SM.
> At this link 
> <> 
> you will find a description what the FX people recommend and going to
> you find a link to an extension supporting "MeasuringStartup".
> How about having such an extension for TB3.1/3.3 (SM?) also?
> So, this is a call to the maildev experts to adapt it. I could think 
> about having the results displayed as part of a special startup page.
> Thoughts?
> Günter
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