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Fri Apr 1 21:19:15 UTC 2011

How to Improve Extension Startup Performance?

A big theme communicated by Mozilla for FX4 - I think mainly becomes of 
competition from other browsers around.
Competition is good, everyone wants to make the user happy.
I think what's good in the browser world should be good for mail systems 
too :-) .

Special interest goes for extensions living in FX and TB, not to speak 
about SM.

So there are info pages and tools for FX4 but AFAInotS for TB/SM.

At this link 
you will find a description what the FX people recommend and going to
you find a link to an extension supporting "MeasuringStartup".

How about having such an extension for TB3.1/3.3 (SM?) also?
So, this is a call to the maildev experts to adapt it. I could think 
about having the results displayed as part of a special startup page.


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