Silence can be deafening

Wayne Mery (vn) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Sep 10 13:09:58 UTC 2010

On 9/8/2010 9:41 PM, JoeS wrote:
>   OK guys, clue me (and other loyal TB testers) in here.
> Are we out of money
> In a re-group phase
> Bored..or disinterested
> What...
> I see so little participation here, or in IRC, or in bug triage, I just
> have to ask.
> My personal interest is the improvement of core HTML editor, as I think
> that is key to new user adoptions in TB
> To that end, I see a new champion, that might take us out of the mire in
> that regard.
> That would be ehsan at He seems interested, involved, and
> willing to adjust for editor uses other than Firefox.
> And...He is actually using Thunderbird.
> So, when he files a bug 594106
> <> I think it should
> at least get a response.

(to add to the other good comments)

To be fair, and realistic, I don't see how 1.5 days of no response to a 
bug coming off the summer holidays, and in the midst of the aftermath of 
shipping two releases constitutes inattention or lack of interest on the 
part of *anyone* in the mozilla community.

Note, there are plenty of people watching the imap component QA address. 
But if an important bug doesn't get a response, it's easy to just ping 

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