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Dan Mosedale dmose at
Fri Sep 10 02:42:38 UTC 2010

  On 9/8/10 6:41 PM, JoeS wrote:
> OK guys, clue me (and other loyal TB testers) in here.
> Are we out of money
> In a re-group phase
> Bored..or disinterested
> What...
> I see so little participation here, or in IRC, or in bug triage, I 
> just have to ask.
I suspect there are a number of things going on here.  One is that 
because we've reorganized our development processes some, as discussed 
previously on this list, a number of developers have shifted focus to 
various non-core experiments and add-ons, with the intent that some of 
those things will land in the core over time.  One of the consequences 
of this is that people don't need to coordinate as much over IRC, 
because they're not bumping into each other in the process of coding as 

One way in which we try to keep observers informed of the things that 
are going on is using our weekly status meeting notes 
<>, which are fairly 

As far as bug triage is concerned, it's not obvious to me why or how 
this would have changed significantly. Perhaps others have thoughts 
here, but it might help if you could characterize any more specificly 
where you're seeing less activity.
> My personal interest is the improvement of core  HTML editor, as I 
> think that is key to new user adoptions in TB. To that end, I see a 
> new champion, that might take us out of the mire in that regard.
> That would be ehsan at He seems interested, involved, and 
> willing to adjust for editor uses other than Firefox.
> And...He is actually using Thunderbird.
Yes, Ehsan has done some great work and is indeed super-helpful and 
making our lives significantly better.  (Thanks, Ehsan!)
> So, when he files a bug 594106 
> <> I think it 
> should at least get a response.
Indeed!  As has been the case for a long time, we have more bugs filed 
than we can easily keep up with, so things sometimes take a while to get 
to or fall through the cracks.  You've done the right thing by bringing 
it to broader attention (thanks!).  For the future, I'd suggest just 
pinging someone with strong QA chops like Wayne or Ludo for help is a 
good way to go on bugs that you think are important for reasons such as 
you suggest above.

Fortunately, it looks like in the time since you sent the message and I 
moderated it through, Ludovic has already caught up with it and 
requested more info.

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