Thunderbird Conversations : feedback wanted!

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Nov 30 23:32:10 UTC 2010

On 30.11.2010 04:54, Andrew Sutherland wrote:

> - Maintain a limited query cache of your own to fast-path users 
> re-displaying a recently displayed conversation.  Gloda will not 
> automatically re-use existing queries.

Given that this is likely to be useful for many other callers, could 
this be implemented in gloda? If you think that would hurt in case of 
some callers, maybe that could be optional per connection/caller.

Another option: Given that most gloda databases should be in the 
10-100MB range (mine is 600 MB, but it's a big mailbox), and many 
machines today have 2+GB RAM *, is it possible to somehow tell the OS to 
pre-cache certain parts of gloda into RAM disk cache?

* I have 4 GB RAM, of which only 2 GB are used by apps, and a good 1,5 
GB is used for disk cache by Linux, and there's still some RAM totally 

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