Mac Universal builds switched to 32/64 bit on trunk

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Nov 16 09:06:42 UTC 2010

As has been previously mentioned on this list and at the status 
meetings, we've now switched the Mac trunk builds (3.3a1pre) from ppc/32 
bit universal binaries to 32/64 bit universal binaries.

This happened late yesterday, and the first nightly hasn't yet been 
produced. Whilst I know the Mac builds work, I am expecting issues with 
the update system - we know Firefox had issues, and whilst we think that 
we've got everything in place, it is quite possible we've missed 
something. I expect that if there is an issue it will be more that an 
update is not served, rather than being served a broken update.

Users running 10.5 will automatically use the 32 bit version - 64 bit is 
not available for 10.5 users. 10.6 users will automatically use the 64 
bit version; whilst 10.6 users can switch to 32 bit I believe Firefox 
has taken the decision that that mode of running is effectively 
unsupported (i.e. it isn't going to be tested) even though it is allowed.

There are a couple of known issues with the new builds:

  * Import and Migration from Eudora profiles has currently been
    disabled on the 64 bit part of the build as we're still working on
    the final compilation issue (bug 537872
  * Attempting to use GSSAPI on the 64 bit version is likely to crash
    Shredder (bug 604653

 From the tinderbox/builder point of view, there is also a bit of work 
still to be done:

  * We currently only have two 64 bit builders on trunk (one is fast,
    the other is slower), we will be getting more soon. This impacts on
    what builders we have as mentioned below.
  * No 64 bit debug/leak test builds until we get more builders (the 32
    bit debug/leak test builds are running though).
  * We will be setting up xpcshell-tests and MozMill tests to run on the
    32 bit part of the build, these are currently waiting on a MozMill
    upgrade to pick up a fix to allow this to work properly.

Try server should already build Mac 64 bit for comm-central builds as 
long as you push based on the latest comm-central revisions.


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