Thunderbird releases - moving forward

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Nov 4 13:37:01 UTC 2010

During the meetings on Tuesday, the drivers team discussed the status of 
account provisioning, and the next major releases of Thunderbird.

At the moment, the schedule for account provisioning to be incorporated 
into the core product is difficult to determine as it depends on various 
factors including a period of time to receive feedback.

When account provisioning is ready, we have several possibilities for 
shipping it: from a release based on the current trunk builds, in a 3.2 
build based on the existing 3.1 builds, possibly even in a 3.1.x build 
(similar in style to the way FF incorporated out-of-process plugins).

These possibilities all have various advantages but until we are closer 
to the time, it will be difficult to determine which one is most 

Given that whatever we do, we suspect we will want to ship a release 
from trunk soon, or at some point after Firefox 4 is released, we have 
decided to start releasing alpha builds from trunk. The intent of these 
alphas is to start previewing some of the core changes that have 
happened since the last release, to get some wider testing of the 
builds, and to aim as a focus point for bringing trunk builds up to a 
release-candidate state.

The alphas will be called 3.3a<n>. If at some time we do decide to ship 
account provisioning from a 3.2 or 3.1 release, then we'll temporarily 
pause the 3.3 alphas and do the release, and then pick up where we left 
off for the next version.

I'll be putting up more information about the alphas and 3.3 over the 
next few weeks.


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