Try Server notes: Branches, Try Chooser and more

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Nov 2 10:13:46 UTC 2010

Yesterday I completed some changes to try server. These changes mean 
that you now should be able to build both comm-central and comm-1.9.2 by 
pushing to try-comm-central from the relevant repositories. I'll note 
some more specific details about expected failures below.

Also, please note that our Try Server also supports the Try Chooser 
syntax, this allows you to put a comment in the top revision that you 
push so that you only build on the platforms you require:

*Notes - comm-central pushes*

    * Mac OS X 64 builds won't complete at the moment due to bug 537872
      <>. If you do
      get them passing, there is one broken xpcshell test (in GSSAPI)
      and MozMill won't run correctly on the 10.5 builder due to some
      issues with MozMill itself. These should be fixed soon, more
      details later.
    * MozMill tests will fail on Linux 32 bit and 64 bit builds. These
      are issues that we've not been able to fix yet. If anyone wants to
      look at fixing them it'd be very much appreciated. The best thing
      to do here is to compare with previous runs to see if there's
      extra unexpected failures.

*Notes - comm-1.9.2 pushes*

    * Mac OS X 64 bit builds will fail straight off. 64-bit Mac isn't
      supported on 1.9.2.
    * xpcshell-tests won't run, this is due to us not running libxul on
      the branch, so this can never be fixed.
    * MozMill tests on Mac OS X 32 bit fail due to not finding the
    * MozMill tests on Linux will fail in a similar way to comm-central

Despite the above, I believe that 1.9.2 is usable and will at least give 
you packaged builds on all platforms plus MozMill tests on Windows.

If you get any problems with try server, please file a bug or ask me if 
you're not sure what's going on.

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