One more project using ispdb

David Ascher dascher at
Mon May 17 17:25:00 UTC 2010

  On 5/17/10 10:14 AM, Blake Winton wrote:
> Well, the Evolution developers had a problem with the speed and 
> connectivity of the website we have it running on.  (So they put it on 
> their distributed cluster, with machines all over the world.)

Interesting.   Are they cloning the MX lookups etc as well?

> I'm as happy as anyone else to have them point at our configs, but 
> that does mean that we might want to test any changes with the various 
> clients, at least to let them know if they might break.  (Or possibly 
> get them some bugzilla accounts, so that they can help verify configs.)

I don't think we should take on the testing burden.

> ispdb at seems like a reasonable way for us to 
> communicate changes.


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