One more project using ispdb

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at
Mon May 17 15:41:27 UTC 2010

On 05/17/2010 05:25 PM, David Ascher wrote:
>  On 5/17/10 3:06 AM, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
>>  Hi!
>> As some of you may know, the Evolution project recently started to 
>> make use of ISPDB [1] and the other day I learned that Kmail, the 
>> primary e-mailing app for KDE project is going to make use of it as 
>> well through the Akonadi framework [2].
>> Just wanted to let you know, as someone mentioned it could affect 
>> Thunderbirds server statistics data.
> Gee, it'd be nice if these projects talked to us about it.
Blake have already been in contact with Michael Meeks that did the 
implementation in Evolution (I can forward the e-mails to you if you 
want to), and I referred the Kmail guy to the ispdb list if he had any 
Is there anything specific we need to talk to them about regarding ispdb?
If so, I can try to get in e-mail contact with the developers involved.
- Andreas

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