testing proposal: embed mozmill/jsbridge/mozrunner into mail/

Mark Banner mbanner at mozillamessaging.com
Thu Mar 25 08:54:46 UTC 2010

  On 24/03/2010 18:45, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
>  On 03/24/2010 11:20 AM, Dan Mosedale wrote:
>>  It sounds like you're proposing to ship it as part of Thunderbird 
>> proper?  This would also have the advantage of making it easier for 
>> add-on authors to do automated tests.  It would be interesting to 
>> understand what the costs of that would be.
> Heh, so, I, uh, forgot that not all extension developers would have 
> done their own builds of Thunderbird.  I wasn't planning on shipping 
> mozrunner/jsbridge/mozmill with Thunderbird and don't think we 
> should.  Maybe let's ignore the benefits to extension developers and 
> just focus on the benefit to in-tree testing and hip extension 
> developers.
I too agree that this isn't the sort of thing we should ship within 

Something that I've been planning on (at some stage, when I get a bit of 
time) is making mozmill work with packaged tests.

In case anyone doesn't know already, packaged tests are already used by 
Firefox. They do builds of Firefox with --enable-tests and then they 
package Firefox in one package using the same method as for 
release/nightly builds, and then package all the unit tests (xpcshell, 
reftests) in a separate files. Test machines then download and unpack 
both packages and run the tests.

Now back to the point. If we made our MozMill tests work with packaged 
tests then we'd be able to have the packages on the ftp server 
(somewhere, I haven't looked at where FF puts them), and we can point 
extension developers at those files and how to run them.

I think this would resolve Dan's issue and we'd obviously gain some 
other benefits from having packaged tests anyway.


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