testing proposal: embed mozmill/jsbridge/mozrunner into mail/

neandr neandr at gmx.de
Wed Mar 24 20:47:14 UTC 2010

  [24.03.2010 20:03]    »Ben Bucksch« wrote:
> However, I think it would be a good idea to have a separate "dev" 
> build for extension developers, which includes mozmill, DOMI and lots 
> of other niceness for extension developers and testers. The normal 
> build process would spit it out automatically.
Dan spoke about "eco system" .. ignoring to support extension developers 
with this important support feature is ignoring the "eco system" idea. 
Aren't there already differences between core development and extension 
support, as for extension 'only' the plain mozmill-1.4-fx+tb+sb+sm.xpi 
makes sense?
> Very strange for me to see Thunderbird in German :)
Nicht für mich ! :-P   .. Which says: Not for me!

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