testing proposal: embed mozmill/jsbridge/mozrunner into mail/

Dan Mosedale dmose at mozilla.org
Wed Mar 24 18:20:23 UTC 2010

  On 3/24/10 10:45 AM, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
> it suggests that we are using mozmill wrong by treating it as 
> something to be installed separately rather than something to be 
> embedded*.
> This could also let us make meaningful enhancements to MozMill proper 
> without having to always hack around its limitations because otherwise 
> we need to depend on release cycles that can never happen fast 
> enough.  (So, quasi-ironically, embedding would make us better open 
> source participants because sending things upstream becomes feasible.)
> Andrew
> * Another option might be to require a specific version using 
> pkg_resources or what not.  The downside to this is we need to wait 
> for the mozmill release cycle if we fix bugs/enhance mozmill in 
> mozmill proper.
It sounds like you're proposing to ship it as part of Thunderbird 
proper?  This would also have the advantage of making it easier for 
add-on authors to do automated tests.  It would be interesting to 
understand what the costs of that would be.

An less win-like alternative for Windows builders is that I got the 
impression a while back that Ted would be amenable to including it in 
the moztools package.

I suspect it would be worth quick discussions with ctalbert and atul to 
undertand current thinking and experience here.


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