Followup to bug 241197 -- or -- feedback from an extension developer

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Tue Mar 23 23:07:02 UTC 2010

  On 3/22/10 2:40 PM, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> 2) I stumbled upon bug 456814 a.k.a. "msgreadertracker", including 
> Bryan's amazing designs . 
> What's the current plan regarding this? Actually, visualizing attached 
> images inline as Bryan suggests in the mockups was one of the many 
> things I had in mind. Is this hard to do? Does this depend on offering 
> better APIs and better access to message parts?
To some approximation, this plan is on hold.  Those designs use the HTML 
box model, and it turned out to be even harder to jam them into the XUL 
box model than expected.  Right now we're focusing heavily on 3.1 and 
haven't really figured out how we want to move the message reader forward...
>>> ① I needed to display messages using the regular display code. (...)
>> This is going to be a big area for future work.  You are doing the 
>> right thing by using the existing code path when involving HTML 
>> messages (as HTML) and probably all other extension authors should 
>> follow your lead here.
> I'm going to post some directions on MDC because I think that really 
> was missing.
Much appreciated!  Updating MDC with good directions on how to do stuff 
is a very high-leverage thing.
>> Our dream is to be able to display messages with extensions being 
>> able to contribute annotations and additional mark-up in an easy 
>> fashion.  Because there are so many security concerns and potential 
>> interaction problems between multiple extensions trying to do the 
>> same thing, I think it's going to take a very concerted effort to 
>> improve this.
> Sure. But at least providing wrappers to display a message simply will 
> already be a big step forward. Of course we're depending on bug 80713 
> here... is there any possible way to lure roc into fixing this ? ;-)
I've tried a few times, and have yet to have success.  It sounds like 
it's just not high enough priority for him compared to all the other 
stuff on his plate.   If you're feeling adventurous... :-)


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