Modal Dialog/Alert replacement suggestion - for 3.1?

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Mar 22 22:41:07 UTC 2010

A couple of days ago over irc, timeless suggested a solution to fix Bug 
123440 <> - Stop that 
annoying modal dialog when mail can't connect to the mail server from 
connection time out error.

The basic idea is that all Mailnews modal dialogs go to the alerts 
service. I think this would mean they would appear in the same location 
as the new mail alert - certainly on Linux & Mac (not quite so sure 
about Windows, but probably!).

I say all Mailnews modal dialogs - afaik this pretty much encompasses 
all single button  - "OK" - dialogs that are generated from protocol 
errors and that end up going through nsIMsgMailSession::alertUser. I 
suspect there may be a few other modal dialog prompts that aren't 
covered by this.

Personally I'm not quite sure if I like the idea that all modal dialogs 
would go to the popup notification are, as there may be some instances 
that would make more sense to be a direct prompt to the user, but I 
think the basic idea is reasonable. I've generated some try server 
builds from the patch for people to try out and see what they think.

These ones are latest-trunk:

Although this won't get into the 3.0.x series, I did some builds based 
on 3.0.4 in case people want to use those instead for testing:

Feedback welcome. Note: I haven't put this in the bug for now, as it may 
not make 3.1 (depending on what we decide) and given the amount of noise 
in there recently, I don't want to add to it until we've got a better 
idea of where we want to go with this patch.

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