Followup to bug 241197 -- or -- feedback from an extension developer

Siddharth Agarwal sid1337 at
Thu Mar 18 20:55:53 UTC 2010

  On 18-03-2010 03:12, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> There also seems to be some overlap between what is being rewritten 
> and what is legacy code. That's normal but it can get confusing 
> sometimes. For instance, there exist both GetMsgFolderFromUri and 
> MailUtils.getFolderForURI. But, look, there's this wonderful 
> nsIFolderLookupService :: getFolderById ! [4] Wait, there's an 
> interface but no implementation ? Oh sure, that's bug 441437... the 
> implementation was there before but was backed out. An "official 
> reference" would be helpful there.

That change is my fault -- IIRC I introduced MailUtils.getFolderForURI 
as part of a large patch, and I didn't want to complicate the patch 
further by renaming GetMsgFolderFromUri to MailUtils.getFolderForURI 
everywhere. So I made GetMsgFolderFromUri a wrapper around 
MailUtils.getFolderForURI, as you can see at 
and slapped a @deprecated on it.

You're right in that I should have filed a followup bug to remove 
GetMsgFolderFromUri entirely. Care to do it?

> The ideal solution would be to have some .jsm that offers helpers for 
> the most common actions. I've been doing this more or less for my 
> extensions, but I think there should be some "official" way of doing 
> this. If this is too hard to maintain, I think updating the 
> Thunderbird how-to list on MDC would be a nice alternative. I plan to 
> do some of it myself, but I'm no Thunderbird developer and I might not 
> always write the best solution.

That's sort of what MailUtils 
was intended to be -- and it is deliberately a module so that all sorts 
of code -- chrome, component and module -- could use it, but I do 
realize that it lacks a number of helpers that would be useful. (As far 
as I know, we've added functions to it mostly as we've needed them 
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