Migration assistant feedback wanted.

Pavel Cvrček pcvrcek at mozilla.cz
Mon Mar 15 21:20:52 UTC 2010

Hi Ludovic,

Dne 13.3.2010 16:41, Ludovic Hirlimann napsal(a):
> Pavel can you list the 5 top issues that came up in the cz forums ?

Top 5 issues which are related to moving from TB 2 to TB3:
* Reply/Forward buttons have new default location. Users don't know how 
to switch easily back to old style.
* Users don't like Smart folders and don't know how to switch to old style.
* New fulltext search. Many users don't know where they can switch off 
this search. They want old style search. Many users reported problems 
with performance.
* Bugs in MAPI implementation.
* Some reports about high memory usage (maybe related to new fulltext 

And we still have reports about broken folders (broken MSF files), full 
folders (users don't use compact) and some reports about deleted 
configurations (after non-standard close). But these problems aren't new.

Feel free to ask if you want some more info.


Pavel Cvrček <pcvrcek at mozilla.cz>

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