Policy change for the blocking next release flag

Dan Mosedale dmose at mozilla.org
Mon Mar 15 21:19:55 UTC 2010

  On 3/12/10 12:37 PM, Kent James wrote:
> On 3/12/2010 11:36 AM, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
>> GetSatisfaction is our current support venue.
> Then is it is important that the powers-that-be emphasize that, and 
> how well it is working, every time they introduce another "we would 
> like less input" process change. Otherwise, it just seems like you are 
> saying "you guys are all really annoying, so we want to take these 
> conversations to a more private or controlled place."
A very good point; thanks!

I've just added a sentence and link to 
<https://wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird/tb-planning> to make that 
explicit.  Ludo, perhaps it would make sense to do the same to the 
blocking flag policy page?

Kent, are there other places where having us call this out might be helpful?


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