Migration assistant feedback wanted.

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Fri Mar 12 13:57:05 UTC 2010

  On 12.03.2010 01:35, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
>  Hi!
> I recently did some work on the Thunderbird 3.1 Migration Assistant 
> together with Bryan, Blake and Dan. We bounced it back and forth a 
> bit, but Dan suggested I should take discussion to this list in order 
> to get some more feedback and discussion around the wording, the ui 
> and the implementation.

This is of course pure design and option, but I think the "Install" is 
way to prominent and the reason too subtle.

If you do an "migration assistant" anyways, why not check whether the 
user used compact headers in TB2 and only then offer the addon?

Either way, I'd phrase this much more as "BTW If you..." than putting an 
"install" button in front of the user right after he installed - users 
are likely to think it's necessary or advisable and just click it.
I'd also put all of them on the same page.

Stepping back, we tried hard in 2000 to avoid long dialog sequences or 
questions during install, knowing that users are typically annoyed, just 
want to "click through" to get to their Thunderbird and mail.
I would suggest to investigate other approaches, e.g. linking to the 
Compact headers extension in the View | headers menu. This is more "on 
demand" and fits more naturally with the users' thinking and what they 
have in mind at this particular moment.

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