Migration assistant feedback wanted.

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at mozillamessaging.com
Fri Mar 12 10:23:51 UTC 2010

 On 12/03/10 10:07, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 12/03/2010 00:35, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
>> Here is the stuff done as a rough html mockup (warning, please look
>> at it in FF3.6 or higher):
>> http://www.andreasn.se/diverse/temp/migration-assistant/index.html
>> I especially need input on page 4, as I think we need some magic
>> (read code) there to calculate the size that's going to be downloaded.
> Is there meant to be anything after page 4? Clicking next just goes
> back to page 4.
Same remark here.

On page 2 and page 3 it doesn't seem obvious to me that clicking on the
green button will Install the add-on. Maybe we could show a with and
whithout add-on screen-shot so people have a better view and can more
easily decide.

I don't like the wording on the last screen - I don't particularly think
that gloda search is fast - it's global before being fast. And I don't
like the fact that we compare diskspace with search speed. And what am I
disabling on that last screen, gloda ? Autosync ? Gloda and autosync ?


Ludovic Hirlimann MozillaMessaging QA lead

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