Migration assistant feedback wanted.

Andreas Nilsson andreas at andreasn.se
Fri Mar 12 00:35:11 UTC 2010

I recently did some work on the Thunderbird 3.1 Migration Assistant 
together with Bryan, Blake and Dan. We bounced it back and forth a bit, 
but Dan suggested I should take discussion to this list in order to get 
some more feedback and discussion around the wording, the ui and the 

Here is the stuff done as a rough html mockup (warning, please look at 
it in FF3.6 or higher):

I especially need input on page 4, as I think we need some magic (read 
code) there to calculate the size that's going to be downloaded.

Blake also have a lot of it implemented as a branch (although I'm still 
in the middle of building that, so I'm not sure to what extent those 
match) http://hg.mozilla.org/users/bwinton_latte.ca/prefsui/ (the 
545563-new-migration-assistant branch)
- Andreas

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