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Dan Mosedale dmose at
Tue Mar 2 21:18:55 UTC 2010

  [Posted in various other places; re-posting here because it provides 
useful context for the creation of this group]

Until now, we've had two primary discussion forums for driving 
Thunderbird work forward.  We've had dev-apps-thunderbird, which is 
theoretically development-focused, but realistically has been fairly 
free form, and populated by folks with an extremely wide variety of 
perspectives.  We've also had thunderbird-drivers, which is completely 
private, and populated only by folks who are in the very center of 
pushing releases out the door.

A number of us who participate in both forums have noticed over time 
that there are a non-trivial number of discussions that don't fit very 
well in either place.  These are things that need input from a 
significantly larger group of people than the release-drivers (eg other 
core developers, add-on developers, UX wizards), and they also benefit 
generally from having more transparency.  However, these conversations 
also need to be drivable to completion without getting derailed by 
emotional outpourings, venting, personal attacks, and straw men and also 
without leaving the participants exhausted and frustrated.  In other 
words, it has to actually be _easy_ to get work done.

To that end, I've created a tb-planning mailing list as a middle ground 
designed specifically for these sorts of discussions.  I've written up a 
wiki page at <> 
describing the list mechanism and rules.

Like many things in the Mozilla world, this is somewhat experimental.  
Which is to say that it's a mechanism that we haven't used before, and 
it has both pros and cons compared to the other discussion setups that 
we've tried.  It's clear to me from recent discussions in the 
dev-planning list that some people are likely to feel that this isn't 
the most convenient setup for them.  I'd like to request that folks give 
this several months to evolve before rendering judgment on how well it's 

Interested community members are encouraged to subscribe: 
<> has all the info you need.


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