experience with/opinions on justification and CSS white-space properties in email?

Daniel Glazman daniel at glazman.org
Wed Jun 30 22:22:06 UTC 2010

Le 30/06/10 20:00, Ben Bucksch a écrit :

> protz told me that "justification" may mean to space text so that *both*
> left and right borders are aligned, like many word processors do, i.e.
> no "comb" on the right.
> In that case, I have no objections to disallow that. I don't see how
> that would make sense at all. And we're not using it for plaintext
> rendering.

Justification is exactly what it means in your favorite text processor:
space between words is extended to make the text start and end at the
edges of the block.

We're not using it _now_ in text/plain email. But it could make sense:

   Launch your preferred  Office suite, type  some kilometers of
   text, switch all to a monospace font like Courier and justify
   the  text.   Just  like  in  the  current  paragraph  that  I
   manually justified.

And then the user in me thinks "why not?" in email...

I am not asking if you're using it. I am asking "will you *ever* use
it?". We plan to make "text-align: justify" fallback to "text-align:
initial" when used on a "white-space: pre" or "white-space: pre-wrap"
element and we're not going to reverse that later.

So your opinion here does matter and I'm afraid your "not using it
now" is not enough. Well it's enough but I'm afraid you're closing a
door w/o studying the future. Are you sure you will never want that


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