code name for Thunderbird 3.2

neandr neandr at
Thu Jun 24 22:04:35 UTC 2010

  [24.06.2010 23:01]    »Dan Mosedale« wrote:
> ...
> We will continue to get more chances to pick code names in the future, 
> and we'll try to take the feedback given this time into account as we 
> do that.  In particular, I'll commit to making the next code name not 
> be in North America at all... 
OK, from earlier communication I understood the name should be a US 
heritage or similar. If you are going to accept "foreign" beach names 
how about one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites?
Here is my vote:

Wadden Sea World Heritage

"To be placed on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, a region 
must be very special. It must possess unique nature values and be 
intact, and its protection must be guaranteed. The Wadden Sea has been 
deemed to be globally unique in at least three criteria for outstanding 
universal value!"

Have a look at: to learn more 
about that beautiful Dutch and German North Sea coast .. and why it's 
worth to become the next code name for a great refugee of sea birds and 
for Thunderbirds as well.


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